Dieses Stück ist Rock'n Roll :-) Es ist sehr schnell und eingängig. Der Text ist ironisch gemeint und beschäftigt sich mit der Thematik der sogenannten Hypchondrie, also der eingebildeten Krankheiten. Ob der Verfasser da wohl in irgendeiner Form betroffen war?

Lyrics : S. Mardo Music: Dune

I beg you listen to my story
I´m fullfilled by a thousand frights
I am addicted to be worried
and my nightmares hold me tight
When I awake in the morning
all my body is wet of sweat
I´ve an anxiety neurosis
which is anchored in my head

(Chorus) He´s a hypochondriac...
(Singer) To get diseases is my life
(Chorus) He´s a thickness maniac...
(Singer) I even dance the medicine jive

You can´t imagine all the things
that I believed to have
Beginning with an Influenca
ending with my death
I´ve had a heartattack and Typhus
an inflammation of the lung
A circulatory disturbance
even cancer on my tongue

I don´t remember all those years
that I´ve suffered million pains
I tried to fight against my fears
but the anxiety remains
Yes my doctors are my best friends
and even my psychiatrist
I´m the investor of an industrie
including my pharmacist


I´ve had some veneral diseases
A nasty pimple on my sex
An inflammation of the foreskin
An inferioty complex