Sollte je einer auf die Idee kommen, der Sänger sei irre, so ist er bei dieser wilden Nummer richtig. Der Song aus dem Horrorfilm handelt von Ängsten und Albträumen.

Lyrics : S. Mardo Music: Dune

I salute you audience
Don´t try to find if there´s a sense
In anything I might have done
`cause long ago my brain has gone
My life is blood and sweat and tears
My hobby is to bring you fears

This is the hunting game...
You´ve got to hide away
Will never be the same...
You´ve got to run... Can´t stay
This is the hunting game...
There´s no more chance for you
Will never be the same
There´s nothing you can do

When you´re waiting for the night
get ready I will bring you frights
All mothers tremble wheep and shout
Don´t want to let their children out
I am the munster in your mind
and when you´ve seen me soon you´re blind

That´s all I want to tell you here
And don´t forget your time is near
I take your body take your head
Anxiety will drive you mad
Remember all the things I said
I see you later... when you´re dead !

Are you ready for Freddy?